Nothing But Bones

The Bonesy Darling

Featured Work: The World is not Black and White

A recutting of John Fords Stagecoach to highlight the ambivalence of Western culture.

Featured Work: Robert Reynaud’s Top Chef Audition Tape

Music: Meu Destino by Thievery Corporation

Featured Work: The Midnight Train

An essay about the nature of public transit and all of its pluses and pitfalls

Music: Dub Magnificent by King Tubby, Heartache by Patsy Cline

Featured Work: Raya in Pilsen

Promo video for Kompute Musik event in Pilsen Chicago

Featured Work: Le Inflator

Collaboration with some fellow artists in order to create a garment that would inflate

Music: Fat by The Violent Femmes

Featured Work: Boobamboo, Designs by Justin Hu

Designer: Justin Hu

Music: Samba De Una Nota - Stan Getz

Concept of Night

It is a bizarre feeling to fly through the night. In my mind night is more an existence than a place, a nomadic realm that circumvents the globe while we willingly receive it. Flying through it causes an unnatural speeding of it. All at once you accept that you are alone in the midst of the deep black void of space and sea, but then you come out of it all the same… greeted by daylight only an hour or so later.