Nothing But Bones

a video artists boneyard

Featured Work: The World is not Black and White

A recutting of John Fords Stagecoach to highlight the ambivalence of Western culture.

Featured Work: Robert Reynaud’s Top Chef Audition Tape

Music: Meu Destino by Thievery Corporation

Featured Work: The Midnight Train

An essay about the nature of public transit and all of its pluses and pitfalls

Music: Dub Magnificent by King Tubby, Heartache by Patsy Cline

Featured Work: Raya in Pilsen

Promo video for Kompute Musik event in Pilsen Chicago

Featured Work: Le Inflator

Collaboration with some fellow artists in order to create a garment that would inflate

Music: Fat by The Violent Femmes

Featured Work: Boobamboo, Designs by Justin Hu

Designer: Justin Hu

Music: Samba De Una Nota - Stan Getz